About us

Novara Metalli was founded in 1996 in the charming Novara, a Piedmontese city immersed in the rice fields of the Po valley, in Italy.

We are specialized distributors of tools, screws, bolts, small metal parts, measuring instruments, accident prevention, technical articles.

Our choice is to sell quality products at a fair price.

Since 2006 Novara Metalli has been at the forefront in the online distribution of screws, small parts and tools.

"Your Hardware Online" offers a wide range of quality products, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! We challenge you to find a similar service in any store!

In addition to quality, you will find absolutely convenient prices, adequate information, always available technical support and above all products that are difficult to find.

The range of products distributed is wider than that presented on the site: contact us for special needs, or to search for items not yet presented.

Our online assistance service is always available for any help or suggestion!

Visit and follow our blog www.ferramenta7su7.blogspot.com you will find data sheets and market information