Opinel knives

Knives from the famous Savoy industry OPINEL. Traditional production since 1890.
Carbon and stainless steel blade.
Open air and Kitchen knives.
Small DIT, camping, excursion, kitchen.
Blades are marked with crowned hand.
VAT included
Made in France
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Opinel Mushroom knife

Mushroom knife Opinel N°8 - 8cm stainless steel  blade - special curved and backthoothed blade - boar bristle brush - OPIFUN Made in France

Opinel 3 tools garden set

Opinel 3 tools garden set in wooden case closed by a plexiglass cover- pruning saw, garden knive, fruit and vegetables knive - OPIJARD Made in France

Opinel N°8 carbon knife with sheat

Opinel N°8 carbon steel blade knife - with sheat and belt attachment - wooden case with plexiglass cover - for your excursion - OPIN-8cin
Made in France

Opinel N°10 inox knife with tire-bouchon

Opinel N°10 stainless steel knife with tire-bouchon or Corkscrews - for wine bottles - OPITB Made in France

Opinel N°9 inox oyster and shellfish knife

Opinel N°9 stainless steel oyster and shellfish knife - 6,5mm lentgh special stainless pointed steel blade - varnished wood handle for a good grip - OPI09os Made in France

Opinel Pruning knife

Opinel Pring knife - curved stainless steel blade N°10 - for picking grapes and pruning - OPIron10 Made in France

Opinel inox N°9 knife

Opinel stainless steel blade N°10 - OPIN-9i Made in France